Creates Magazine is an editorial platform for artists, exhibitors and creatives alike.

With over ten years combined experienced in Marketing, PR and Art, we have the knowledge and sustainability to bring our readers the most tantalising and inspirational visual delights from across the UK to get your creative juices flowing.

Our magazine's potential reach is 100,000+ people with over 10,000 issues produced quarterly, covering key locations across the UK.

We aim to keep our readers interested about various creatives, exhibitions and events from around the country every issue, providing fresh, and innovative information. 

Our ethos is simple; we want to support independent creatives and encourage our readers to invest in them. 

If you're a creative, craving exposure, please get in touch with us so we can support you. Alternatively, take a look below for details on how to feature in the next edition of the magazine. 


Why feature with us?

Founded in 2016, Creates Magazine is becoming the forefront of art, culture and design. As of April 2018 the magazine will be published quarterly. It will be distributed to a variety of galleries and key art related outlets. The magazine with be online as well as print, and it stylishly combines editorial with compelling creativity, exhibitions and events. The magazine is FREE, ensuring a wider distribution and readership. 

Please contact us to talk about your advertising requirements:

Michelle Gordon - Advertising and Editorial

Sally Saint - Advertising and Editorial

Victoria Stone - Art Sales

Print Advertising

With an estimated readership of 45,000, Creates Magazine is the obvious choice when it comes to deciding how or who to advertise your art with. 

If you're an artist, gallery, designer, photographer, ceramicist or blacksmith, then this is the magazine for you. 

We aim to provide you with advertorial space not only dedicated to your talent but to reach your potential clients with our broad demographic. 

To remain as a free and accessible magazine, we offer affordable advertising and editorial space.  



  • Galleries 
  • Coffee Shops/Cafes
  • Creative Centres
  • Garden Centres
  • Tourist Associations
  • Museums/Heritage Centres
  • Libraries 
  • Salons 
  • Exhibitions & Art Fairs
  • Art Supply Shops 

Reader Profile

  • 36% male and 64% female
  • Average age range 30-65
  • Average salary being £30,000 or more
  • Educated with over 45% having a university degree
  • 37% travel regularly for business and pleasure
  • 83% attend exhibitions and culture events on a regular basis
  • Loyal with 79% keeping Creates Magazine as part of their collection



  • Total Audience 64,000+
  • Magazine Print Copies 10,000
  • Magazine Digital Views 5,000+ 
  • Website Views 8,000 per month
  • Social Media 20,000+ per month

2018 Publishing Dates

  • April 1st (Spring)
  • July 1st (Summer)
  • October 1st (Autumn)
  • January 1st 2019 (Winter)


  • 20th March 2018
  • 20th June 2018
  • 20th September 2018
  • 20th December 2018


  1. All artwork is held at the owner’s risk
  2. Creates Magazine is not liable for any loss or damage from errors, late publication or non-publication
  3. Space reserved must be paid in full where the advertisement or editorial  is not published due to an act or omission by the advertiser
  4. Payment terms are strictly paid prior to printing